Our strengths

Why choose Belfish? For quality and sustainable Belgian fish with transparent sourcing.

Our strengths



You support the local economy and the Belgian fishing industry.

Much of the fish sold on the Belgian market today comes from the Netherlands and France. Due to international competition, many fishermen struggle to keep their heads above water. With this label we want to support and put the spotlight on Belgian fishermen and auctions.

Moreover, our label is only awarded to fish species that occur naturally in the North Sea, including lesser-known but no less tasty species.

Fish grown in Belgium by Belgian companies are also included in the range. Now that international import is under increased pressure due to the rising energy prices, buying locally is becoming increasingly attractive.



Belfish guarantees and encourages the shortest possible sea-to-table journey by promoting local fish caught by Belgian fishermen in local waters.

This is the freshest Belgian fish available on the market as many boats are at sea for a longer period of time. A shorter chain means fresher, higher quality fish.

Much cheaper fish supplied from abroad cannot be compared in terms of quality with our own North Sea fish.

In addition, all fish that land at local auctions are given a quality score according to strict Belgian standards, based on a range of parameters. This information is freely available on the website of the VLV.

Fish farmed to Belgian quality standards is also worth mentioning. This fish has completed its entire life trajectory in Belgium, which means that there is much more control over the quality of the end product.



Locally caught and lesser-known types of fish have a smaller ecological footprint. Furthermore, our North Sea fish is also simply delicious, high-quality and tasty!

By informing our consumers, we also hope to inspire conscious purchasing behaviour. For example, we provide you with the fishing method that was used and what impact it has on the environment. In recent years, unlike our neighboring countries, the Belgian fleet has invested heavily in fishing techniques that ensure less bycatch and lower fuel consumption.

Responsibly farmed fish is also a sustainable alternative to wild fish. Since wild fish populations are under pressure, we will all be eating more farmed fish in the coming years. With aquaculture the trajectory from egg to fully-grown fish takes place 100% within our nation's borders.

Furthermore, fish farmed in Belgium also travel a shorter route, which results in lower emissions.



The fishing industry has been struggling for decades with an image problem as a result of dubious sales practices and a lack of transparency about the origin of the fish.

With our handy QR code you always know with 100% certainty who caught which fish and where it swam.

All this information can be found via the QR code, from the fish species and catch date to the boat and fishing zone.

Belfish's distributors are permanent partners who attach great importance to quality and transparency.

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