Belfish, the story behind your 100% Belgian fish

Our quality label guarantees consumers the highest quality North Sea fish on the market, caught by Belgian boats that have traveled the shortest possible route. And we are 100% transparent about that. Curious how it works?

The best fish is 100% local.

We live in a globalized society with an oversupply of products from all over the world. However, for several years now we have noticed a counter-movement: the price increase of raw materials and energy are making buying locally more and more attractive.

How does it work?

When you buy fish with the Belfish label from your local fishmonger, a QR code is included. When you scan it, you will be directed back to a page where you can find all information about your specific fish: where, when and by whom it was caught.

At sea

A Belgian boat catches the fish in a specific catch area in or around the North Sea and unloads it at a fish auction in Belgium.

Registration & qr-code

A fish wholesaler purchases Belgian fish at one of these auctions which gives us the associated traceability data. This information is registered daily in our system and then implemented in a specific QR code.

In the store

The fish is delivered to your local fishmonger along with the label and QR code, after which the consumer can scan the code to verify the origin of his fish.